Routine Testing


The National Agricultural Genotyping Center (NAGC) offers a plethora of tests open to the community. These tests are designed for high throughput testing, which in turn lowers the turnaround time and the cost to the consumer. The NAGC strives to adhere to a 30 day turnaround time defined as the time of sample receipt to the release of the report.

Link to tests available

Contract Test



The National Agricultural Genotyping Center is perpetually conducting research and bringing new technologies and assays online. Please contact Pete Snyder at 314-942-3282 for inquiries on how to get your assay validated in the lab for future use for you and others in the community.

Tests in Progress


Validations currently in progress:

  • Detection of Fusarium
  • An antemortem test to identify Chronic Wasting Disease
  • Genetic testing of a marker reported to be associated to the resistance/susceptibility of Chronic Wasting Disease in white-tailed deer